We are all living in the strangest and most uncertain terrain. Life as we all know it has changed forever. The best thing I can think of doing is to help as many people as possible connect to the life-force, Earth and Spirit Medicine. 

Every course has a very specific focus.


Shamanism & Medicine

With so much anxiety, depression. hopelessness, addiction and suicide going on I decided to create this healing life-changing course. This course will benefit anyone that attends, but it is completely designed for the 18-30 year old young adults who are struggling in this world to find purpose and fulfillment. If you desperately need to change your life, this course is a must for you. If you need to heal emotionally from past traumas, this course is for you.

Survival Essentials

Survival Essentials is the best basic survival course available. This power-packed experience will teach you the crucial basics of staying alive in the wilderness under harsh conditions. We focus upon the 4 basics: Water, Shelter, Fire, and Food. This is a must for all outdoor adventurers.

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest is you spending time alone in the wilderness in order to become connected to the life force again. This is where you hear and feel the rhythms of Mother Earth. This is where you and your thoughts interact without any external distractions. Leave it all behind and re-connect today.


Warriors is the greatest Youth Empowerment program on the planet. It is more than personal development. It is the only program for youth and parents that teaches self-reliance through our developed training of 'Thinking 7 generations ahead.' Set your family up for success for generations to come.


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