Sunrise on Nature

Earth and Spirit Medicine’s purpose is to help every one of our guests learn how to live the Earth and Spirit Medicine Way. We will teach you the ancient wisdom of how to become a master of self. We will remind you how to live in harmony with all living things. 

Everything Earth and Spirit Medicine does is spiritual and is based upon a core set of Universal laws and principles. These laws and principles when applied, implemented and obeyed, will assist you in experiencing the highest and best of both happiness and health on new and astounding levels.

These Universal laws and principles can be taught to any group of individuals; such as families, treatment centers, at risk youth, and even corporations who are seeking to understand more of how spirit moves through and around them.

Our unique and powerful methods of healing and teaching are experienced throughout our courses, and  services. The knowledge behind our courses, and services has been acquired over many years of intense learning, teaching, researching and most importantly, living the Earth and Spirit Medicine Way.