Shamanism & Medicine

Intense Healing

Shamanism & Medicine is the only course of it's kind in the world. This course is designed for Physical, Mental Emotional. and Spiritual focus and healing. This is the greatest opportunity to completely and rapidly restore yourself.

With so much anxiety, depression. hopelessness, addiction and suicide going on I decided to create this course.

This course will benefit anyone that attends, but it is completely designed for the 18 - 30 year old young adults who are struggling in this world to find purpose and fulfillment. If you desperately need to change your life, this course is a must for you. If you need to heal emotionally from past traumas, this course is for you.

Not only will your receive your personal Shamanic Healing sessions and drink healing herbal teas, you  will also be introduced to techniques of how to change your habits that are holding you back into new habits that completely heal and empower you.

 The world's most effective Shamanism & Medicine experience. The greatest place to make effective, long lasting change and truly connect to Mother Earth and Father Spirit is in the Wilderness. Removing yourself from your current circumstances now is just a click away.

See you at the sacred fire of healing.

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