Dana J.

 If things don’t seem “right” around your home, and in you’re own self. Winfield cleared out many of the things that were creating chaos within my home. The peace and contentment is unreal. Thank you so much Winfield for clearing out the negative and restoring the positive.

Beth I.

The 3 week survival trip with Winfield was not approached with anticipation. It came at a difficult time but I knew that I was supposed to go though not knowing why. As the trip progressed I was impressed with the skills of survival and principles of conduct that were taught and exemplified by our guide and teacher Winfield. I never really felt the impact until after returning home. In the past months I have found myself applying those principles in a manner more spiritual, symbolical, and literal than I could ever have imagined. How much better to be able to su4rviv in our everyday world with skills and principles that give such increased confidence and quality.

Brian M.

I cannot say enough about Winfield and his beautiful gifts. They are very timely and so needed. I and my family have benefited immensely from his gifts and generous heart. If you're looking for added guidance, Winfield is a man you can trust.

Debbie W.

My Shamanic Healing session with Coyote Thunder Hawk was truly an amazing blessing. I released generations of emotional trauma that had ruled my entire life. Today I feel free and more able to live my life's fullest purpose.

Misty F.

Earth and Spirit Medicine really works. Ashley and her husband helped me get over some serious struggles lately. From helping me balance the chemical levels in my brain, healing past traumas, to getting off pharmaceutical medications. They helped me with energy healing, and herbal teas, and all of this with no judgments, and lots of support. You guys are definitely God sent, thank you for just being you.

Allen M.

Spirit Quest with Coyote Thunder Hawk.

November 10th,

The day before my Spirit quest with Coyote Thunder Hawk at Pine Ridge in the San Rafael Swell.  I can feel the Native chiefs calling and almost see the visions coming.  I must leave all the pain and anger of others behind me and go with a pure and loving heart.  I want to learn the ways of the Elders and the old ways of life.  I want to understand what my purpose in this life is and steps to achieve this.  I seek Vision, I seek Spirit, and I seek Truth!  I am Raven's Spirit, and I am many, and I will not forget!  

Listen to your teacher and friend!

November 11th,

Day one of my Spirit Quest and could feel the nervousness come, and I began to act like my scared fearful self, but Winfield took quick action and began having me learn fire making and other sacred wilderness techniques.  I am now feeling more at ease and relaxed.  I must find my confidence and follow it!  Remember who you are and listen to your teacher.  Do not fear your heart, but follow it!  Welcome the chiefs and loving Spirits of God.  It's up to you to listen to your heart.

November 12th

Day two of my Spirit Quest and I can feel the release, and I love it!  It's so beautiful to feel the Truth and feel the Spirit.  It feels good to smile and laugh!  Today was my first blessing in the waters of the Swell, and I felt like it was my first breath of air!  When I gave my thanks to the four directions while in the water, the largest Raven flew over my head!  I felt like the Raven flew out of me.  I was in the freezing November waters naked, but I didn't feel cold at all, and when I returned to the camp, I've never felt more beautiful and alive in my life!  Thank you, Hawk, for opening up and truly helping me let go.  

This place is so sacred and beautiful, so many Spirits roam this land, but yet so quiet and calm.  Find your path and walk the heck out of it!  Family communication is a must, but remember that you can only be a good example, and nothing else.  Give yourself a lot of good medicine and good old LOVE!  You are Raven's Spirit, and you are MANY!  

Tonight around the fire, Winfield asked me to follow him into the darkness away from the fire of our camp.  When we were about 100 yards away, he stopped and asked me to put on a blindfold.  I did so, and then he asked me to guide him back to our camp where the fire was.  I remember being nervous, but then placing my hand out and trying my best to feel the heat with my finger.  I didn't make it back to the camp, but I got close.  Winfield said I did real good, and he gave me a very loving hug that I appreciated.  I feel as if the fire I was looking for was not the campfire at all, but the fire I have within myself.

November 13th,

Day three of my Spirit Quest and today was the first day I feel very proud and can walk with Spirit side by side.  I feel so happy in my life, like never before.  I feel connected to Mother Earth and Father Spirit.  I have no fear out here; I could walk with confidence and a massive smile on my face.  

Tonight is my Solo, and so far, I love every second of it!  After my third baptism and creating my fire where I struggled and thought I had to go back to Winfield as a failure.  I remembered Hawk telling me to look at your charcoal cloth in your mind and see the spark land on top of it.  Keep calm and know that you can do it!  I did this, and when I opened my eyes, I saw the spark hit my charcoal cloth!  Afterward, I saw thirty plus Ravens flying together high above the canyon walls at sunset.  

SO BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you, Spirit!  The sunset Ravens reminded me of the oneness that we all are.  They all came together, all thirty or forty ravens flying high and showing their love for each other.  

When the night came, I could hear Hawks flute through the canyon, and I'm sure he heard mine.  My fourth time playing my flute, I walked away from camp and faced the northern wall.  Before I played my flute once again, I looked deep into the wall that was highlighted by the moonlight.  Each of the stones turned into a spirit/person.  They began to speak, and say, "we are here, and we are many, brother.  We need your help to teach the other children of Mother Earth what you have learned.  We of the Earth, and are no different than you, brother."  After the words were spoken, I saw a shadow figure look just like me but was solid black quickly hide behind one of the stones as if it didn't want me to notice I saw it.  

In conclusion,

My Spirit Quest was a few years ago now, but the impact is far more powerful than ever before.  I believe in the power of the Spirit Quest, and the power of Coyote Thunder Hawk.  My prayer is for the lost children as I was one of them, the ones that go quiet when they should speak up.  The lost children, the ones that have the knowledge and wisdom.  The ones to help humanity's relationship with this sacred Mother Earth.  We are all the children of this dear Mother Earth, and I believe we all owe it to ourselves to get out of our comforts and face our fears.  

Spirit Quest saved my life and made me realize how sacred and needed I am upon this Mother Earth.   


Allen Mitchell (Raven's Spirit) 

RenLai M.

It is hard to describe the Spirit Quest wilderness experience. It is life stripped of everything unessential. It is the body left vulnerable to the awesome elements of nature and the elusive essence of life. It is the facing of all your fears and a grasping for the hand of God. Take a good guide. That is most essential. The best guide will not only be skilled in wilderness survival, he will also patiently teach those skills. He will also subtly direct your spiritual quest. He will do both with careful insight and great respect for individuality. Winfield is such a guide.

Sarah S.

Winfield is such a powerful, gifted healer. Words can not truly express what it was like. My session with him was one of THE MOST validating and empowering experiences I have EVER had. It gave me the confidence to continue on my spiritual journey of healing and learning. I am deeply grateful.

Nan P.

My survival expedition to the desert was a fulfilling and rewarding experience. I thought it would be a lark with a lot of time to relax – a fun break from home and routine. It was not a lark! We had very little time to relax. We worked very hard and learned a lot. My love of the outdoors has been enhanced by the growth of my self-confidence in understanding Mother Earth and the abilities that I acquired in dealing with her on her terms. I appreciated our leader, Winfield Ivers for his ability in capturing my interest and motivating me to want to learn more and do more. One of the things that meant the most to me was our leader’s positive attitude and his constant encouragement and help. He knew we could do things well before we did or thought we could and required that of us. He knew exactly when to withdraw his help, but never his support. I was impressed with how fun hard work could be. I enjoyed him as a person and admired his skills and knowledge. I was amazed that he taught me to enjoy sleeping in the dirt. Would I do it again? Absolutely, if Winfield were my leader.

Carrie W.

I had a Shamanic Healing session with Coyote Thunder Hawk and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. It brought peace and clarity to my life. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to my next session.

John D.

My Shamanic Healing with Winfield Ivers was filled with accurate and detailed messages about my life, family and friends that Winfield could never have known. I would consider him very extraordinarily gifted. He gave me messages that have brought me hard evidence that my loved ones are alive and well in spirit.

What I loved about my Shamanic Healing experience with Winfield was how he got right to the point, never wasting a moment of my time with vague messages or guessing games. He immediately recognized my strong mental firewall that I have constructed throughout my life to protest my inner self. He made several attempts to break through it, which for some reason I wouldn’t allow, so he worked around it with varying methods until he successfully communicated with my spirit core. I immediately recognized that I was on a spiritual journey.

Throughout this healing session things were said that left me feeling it was jam-packed with evidential information that was delivered with passion and sensitivity.

He has an incredible rapport with the spirits who seem to know that he wants his messages clear and to the point. I felt a real enhancement of well-being emotionally, mentally and physically. I never realized that my mental firewall was restraining my abilities to heal myself physically. I now feel inspired to move forward in life with deeper perspective in my life challenges and in many new positive directions.

I consider Winfield to be an Alternative Healing Practitioner with a focused ability on spirit communications. He is a genuine and legitimate Energy Healer with higher guidance from helping spirit allies from higher realms.

It was a great spiritual experience that filled me with a wonderful sense of peace afterward! 

With all sincerity,

Brenda L.

I've had the pleasure of working with Winfield when he came to provide home demonic cleansing service when I first purchased a home.  He was very kind, patient and professional to work with.  After Winfield cleared the energy, I felt very safe and at peace in my new home.  I definitely recommend Winfield and am grateful I had an opportunity to meet and work with him.

A few months later,  another opportunity came up for me to do a Shamanic Healing. I was again grateful for the opportunity to have my energy restored.  Winfield was able to communicate with my higher self, bring much needed clarity to questions I had regarding my life and again, put my mind at ease. This is a very powerful healing session if you are looking for directions in life.  I highly recommend it.

Thank you Winfield! I have been reminding myself to trust my heart and the universe.  Thank you for reminding me to do so.  I am grateful for our friendship!

Aubrey L.

When I reached out to Coyote Thunder Hawk for shamanic healing, I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck with an issue in my life. Then on top of that, I was frustrated with myself for not being stronger, for not being able to just get through it on my own, but that was only adding shame and leaving me more exhausted. When it comes to my physical health, I've never hesitated to invest in a doctor or medicines and get support, so why wouldn't I do the same for my spiritual health and wellbeing? I'm grateful I did. I left my sessions feeling energized and with a deeper sense of self-love for myself. Winfield is truly a gifted healer, he uses his intuitive gifts with no judgment and has a sacredness for those he's helping. Through his intuition, I was able to gain new perspectives which empowered me to heal, gain peace and move forward in my life.

Isabel T.

Winfield, thank you so much for my Shamanic Healing Session. It brought me peace and comfort knowing that through your Shamanic gift, any bad energy was rid off my path. I appreciate that you took the time to answer all my questions. I feel privileged that my four children and husband were blessed to have gone through your healing sessions as well and one of my sons twice. I highly recommend your healing sessions.

Judy L.

The desert experience was wonderful; I would go back each year. I was able to grow more appreciative of God, nature, myself and the others in my group, also of my family at home. We were able to walk all day down the middle of a stream, hike to the top of the mountain and over the other side, sleep in a cave, learn to make fires with flint and steel, sit through a rainstorm and watch waterfalls cascading through every crack in the mountain, an hike for hours with a40 pound pack on our back (and enjoy it). I learned that I had many more strengths and talents than I had realized, both mental and physical. I learned that if I stick to something, I can do it; whether it is hiking up a sandy mountain, trying to strike a spark with flint and steel, or completing the 4 day fast and solo. Winfield Ivers was a wonderful leader. He has so much respect for nature, for every little part in it, from the hawks in the sky, to the erosion of the ground. He taught me how I c could make use of the things around us without being destructive. I was even able to learn from him a respect for little creatures in their environment, in order that we could co-exist. I am thankful for his strong leadership and all of his knowledge. I know that I came home a better person. I came home with a better perspective of the world around me and how great and wonderful it is.

Joseph M.

During the shamanic clearing session with Coyote Thunder Hawk, I resolved a great amount of inner conflict and negativity. He helped me travel through my own emotions and we found the feelings and traumas in my body that were not serving my highest purpose. His ability to connect with his patients and guide them is unparalleled and is done in complete reverence and harmony to your being. For me, the session helped me focus on new goals, new passions, and gave me the ability to appreciate myself here and now.

Dave R.

Winfield is a talented and intuitive healer and energy worker. He did a house clearing at my home last year that completely changed the energy there and brought a level of peace that I had never felt there before. The energy work he has done on me has done the same for me personally; brought me incredible peace and cleared out energetic and emotional blockages that I didn’t even realize were there. I am very grateful to him and highly recommend him.

Jon P.

When I went on my 30 day desert survival trip with Winfield Ivers, I was skeptical at first. Looking back I wonder why. We not only learned survival skills but e hat to practice them in real situations too. We worked on our spiritual emotional and physical wellbeing. I enjoyed it very much and I’ve never felt so good about myself any other time. Winfield is definitely someone to look up to.

Christi G.

The times I have spent with Winfield, I hold sacred. There have been many 

occasions when his wisdom and love have carried me through tough times.  

Months ago I called upon him again, this time in his gift of Shaman. The sacred space he and Ashley have created in their home is beautiful.  

As a healer myself, there are times Healers need Healers. I needed another pair of eyes to see what I was feeling but couldn’t get of hold of it. Winfield’s gifts and powerful clearing and his sacred prayers and 

connections to Mother Earth and Spirit was powerful and just what I needed to clear what was blocking me to move forward. I hold Ashley and Winfield in my heart and love them dearly. We have traveled many years together through life’s experiences. I honor and reverence Winfield as a sacred Shaman who has a pure heart and desire to help others.

Jacob M.

I have had several Earth and Spirit Medicine healing sessions. Each time the work is done a noticeable buoyancy fills my heart, mind, and seems to illuminate my surroundings and perception. The sessions always offer relief to allow true healing to begin and continue on in what ever capacity necessary at the time. The work seems to implant immediate positive affects and subtle spiritual seeds that, when watered regularly, slowly blossom and flower into pure spiritual progress. It is done delicately and non-invasively, spiritually joining with the current personal power of the person you’re doing the work with. The non-invasive joining seems to not only help clear out the clutter but also bolster  strength and allow that true growth the room to take place.

Stuart N.

I regard the outdoor survival course that I took from Winfield Ivers as one of the high points in the last many years. I found his knowledge of the subject matter comprehensive and intriguing. He was able to present things in a way which was enjoyable and educational, without any pretense of superiority. I found this refreshing in an age when it is so easy to display an "I am better than you" attitude. I have used the things taught to me in many ways to improve my understanding of the world around me, and I feel infinitely more at ease with the thoughts of having to take care of myself in a survival situation. I can truly recommend Winfield as one of that rare breed of people who bring out the best in others, instilling in them confidence born of both practice and knowledge. I would recommend any course which he was to teach on the outdoors to anyone.

Richard D. 

To whom it may concern: Re: Outdoor Survival Skills class taught by Mr. Winfield Ivers. I am Richard B. Davidson. I attended a class taught by Mr. Ivers during the early spring of 1992 on the subject of Outdoor Survival Skills. I found Mr. Ivers to be a competent outdoorsman with excellent communication and instructional skills. I learned several skills that I regard to be useful in any camping or other outdoor situation and some that could be potentially lifesaving.

David S. 

Being in business for myself it has been easy to get wrapped up in the stress of a dog eat dog industry and lose sight of the important things in life. This survival journey re-awoke my senses of the good in life and helped me to put more effort in taking care of myself emotionally, physically, spiritually. I would recommend it for all business executives who need to keep their fires alive.

Joy B.

The survival expedition that I had in the desert was one of the more outstanding things that I have done for myself. When I was in the desert it gave me a tremendous feeling for the greatness of our Lord and Savior. My self-confidence is much greater now. I’m sure that in the case of a disaster or for any other reason, I would know how to take care of myself an others if need be. In the three weeks that we were on our survival hike, we were taught how and where to find water, food and shelter, we were taught where and how to find wood for fires and how to make a bow and drill so that we could make a fire without matches or fuel. We were taught how to whittle out a shovel for digging and spoon to eat with. We also made things with leather, such as a holster for our knife and a pouch to carry things in such as herbs for healing, or flint for making fires. Winfield Ivers, our leader and friend introduced us to many wonderful places. We camped in caves near sparkling waterfalls, on top of majestic mountains overlooking the vastness and the magnificent beauty of the desert. The hike that I remember that most was an all day hike down a cool tranquil stream that seems to go on forever. The grand conclusion was an opportunity to do a 4 day solo. Winfield selected an area for each one of us, separate from the other to camp alone. During this time we enjoyed the solitude and the peacefulness of the desert. I highly recommend Winfield Ivers for his knowledge, for his planning and preparation he put into our journey and for the good nature in which he carried this off.

David J.

I enjoyed my 30 day experience in the desert a lot. I learned skills that will help me survive in the harshest situations. Such as bow-drill fires and flint and steel fires. On my 4 day fast and solo I really had a great opportunity to look inside myself. I would highly recommend taking this survival course.



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