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Wilderness Essentials

Water - Shelter - Fire - Food

Wilderness Essentials is the ultimate basic survival course. This 72 hour course teaches you 8 wilderness essentials in a limited amount of time, with a limited amount of supplies. 

72 hours is that critical window of time to keep yourself alive if you ever become lost or stranded in the  wilderness. Learning knowledge and skills that could assist you in staying alive is crucial. 

Every skill is powerfully and uniquely linked to your daily life. Learning these survival skills will help you from becoming lost in society as well. You see, it just empowers you when you know you can survive in the wilderness.

This power packed course will definitely increase the quality of your life and shift the very way you walk with Mother Earth. When you are able to give your life to Mother Earth and rely upon her resources to sustain your life, you learn what it's like to be a human.

Living with confidence in this unpredictable world is a big deal. Make this course a priority and get booked today. Think about it, when is the last time you invested into your abilities to live everyday with more confidence and skill.

Learning how to make fire without matches, identifying and utilizing edible and medicinal plants, locating and purifying water are just a few of the skills that will be demonstrated and taught during this power-packed weekend.

Empower yourself!!!