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 Intuitive Readings - $100

Readings are extremely revealing about our past, present, and future life circumstances. Our bodies are like energetic time capsules. They hold every experience we’ve ever had be it favorable or unfavorable, and they tell quite a story.

Wilderness Essentials - $1600

Learning how to make fire without matches, identifying edible and medicinal plants, locating and purifying water are just a few of the skills that will be demonstrated and taught during this power-packed wilderness survival experience.

Energy Alignment - $100

Energy Alignment puts you back to a healthy state, by balancing chakras, moving blocked energy, releasing trapped emotions, and replacing behavioral programs that no longer serve your path. 

Shamanic Home & Land Clearing - $325

The Shamanic Home & Land Clearing eliminates all negative and demonic energies, entities and restores peace. Whether the disturbances seem non-threatening or not, you deserve to have your family feel safe.

Spirit Quest - $1600

Spirit Quest is where you really get to know yourself. It's the only place you can go and hear the rhythm of Mother Earth. Imagine just you, your thoughts, and the sounds of nature. Questing personal and universal truth in the wilderness is beyond description.

Shamanic Healing - $150

A powerful and sacred process of eliminating any and all negative energies and demonic entities. This process is all about restoring your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy fields.