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~ Know Mother Earth ~

~ Know Father Spirit ~  

~ Know Yourself ~

Desert River

Mother Earth provides all we need to live in abundance and prosperity. The idea that there is not enough for everyone to live in perfect balance and harmony is not true. Experiencing a happy and healthy life is possible.

Living within the laws and boundaries of Mother Earth is absolutely essential in order to live a balanced and prioritized life that is filled with happiness, health and lots of meaning and purpose. 

We have slowly  fragmented our connection with Mother Earth over time. Most children are currently growing up not understanding their connection to this beautiful Mother Earth. We humans are made from the same electromagnetic energy as this Earth and it is important to experience and know.

When we live within the laws and boundaries, we receive the bounty. Plant a seed and the seed will begin immediately to align itself with everything it needs to reach its full potential. It will innately do everything necessary to gather all it needs from it's environment, in order to fully develop, whether a peach tree or a sunflower.

Planet and Moon

The unseen life force, that essence of something we all cry out to in our darkest moments. That power of something larger than us that we reach out to. That guiding force called Father Spirit.

Spirit never lies. It is our discernment, our doubts and our distractions that skew the truth. When we learn how to utilize our truth detector, our own conscience, we unlock the mysteries of truth. 

Being able to discern truth is something that can be learned and become a normal and powerful part of your everyday life. Walking everyday in certainty is a good feeling.

Listening to your inner voice for guidance and direction is always best. Over time you will get better at just listening to the promptings and obeying the counsel.

Trust in God, and know that you are a part of this Gracious Omnipotent Divine. When you equate yourself to something so wonderful and so expansive, you can't help but feel connected to this forever increasing Universe.

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