Spanish Fork, UT 84660, USA

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Ashley Ivers

Energy Alignment Specialist / Spiritual Intuitive

For as long as I can remember I have had experiences with Spirit that have helped shape my life. I have not always been strong. I have not always been present. I have not always loved the being that resides in this body of mine; I can, however say, that this life is full of miracles and that our purpose here is unique. We all learn at our own pace and our learning in this life and into the next continues. How wonderful to know that we can always change. In October of 2010 I had a visitation from my great grandmother where she told me that I was on this earth to heal our past. She showed me different scenarios and told me that our generations suffered because of them. For some reason this woman believed in me, and for some reason she came to me that night because she knew, somehow, I was going to be available for her to speak to. I came out of that vision with one question. How? How could I do what she asked of me? Because of that experience I have been on a journey that continues to shift and evolve. A journey that at times has brought me down to the greatest depths of my soul, and a journey that has also allowed me to spread my wings and soar at the greatest heights of my existence. I am a vessel which has been attuned to seeing, hearing, and feeling what many cannot, and it is my gift of healing to share, to as many as are open to the call.