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Shamanic Healing

Physically ~ Mentally ~ Emotionally ~ Spiritually

"My name is Allen Mitchell and I have had shamanic healing sessions, shamanic house clearings and a 4 day Wilderness Spirit Quest with Winfield. Each has had a powerful impact on my life and it's difficult to find the words to describe the miracle of the changes.  

My life before meeting Winfield (Hawk)  was very quite and lonely. I wasn't sure how to live or where I was going.  I was living my life in the same cycle over & over, and my ancestral chain was not a healthy one.  

Meeting Hawk has done one thing profoundly, that is, severed the negative chains that were holding me back, and he has taught me how to maintain my new path by keeping a clean and peaceful temple within myself. He has taught me how to look inward and begin to truly LOVE myself.  My FIRE always burns bright!

I have received three sessions and each one has been amazing and very powerful. Life changing experiences that I can only wish every living soul can encounter.  I have learned many things, especially how important it is to live a prayerful, grateful, charitable, faithful life.  

Christ once said, "I am the Light & darkness cannot comprehend the light".  Coyote Thunder Hawks (Winfield) Shamanic Medicine work will remind you of that."