Landscape Architecture

Home & Land Clearing

Eliminating all demonic and negative activity

Everyone deserves to live in peace in their own home. Whether you live in an apartment, house or any structure you call home, it is imperative to clear your home and the land. Demonic and negative spiritual disturbances are more prevalent than ever before. 

Sometimes people die in their home, and they refuse to leave due to unfinished business on their end, and they cause disturbances. Sometimes they are trying to communicate with the new tenants or owners hoping they do not change or alter what they have worked so hard on.

Many cultures of people have been slaughtered, and left to be forgotten. For example, many natives of this American continent killed by white man in a horrifical manner, and so they do not like any white people living on their land and fight to preserve. This requires bringing in their ancestors and assisting in the clearing due to language barriers and trust.