Spanish Fork, UT 84660, USA

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Winfield Ivers

Family Man / Shaman / Wilderness Survival Specialist

~Living life moment to moment is an artistic discipline~

My life’s experiences have been interesting to say the least, and through these experiences I have learned how to accurately identify and discern truth. Knowing truth allows me to live my life with absolute certainty. Over the years, I have spent so much time around so many sacred fires, nestled in the arms of Mother Earth and Father Spirit. This has truly allowed me to remember my origin. As the years have passed quickly I have realized that the most sacred fires I have ever created and maintained are my family relationships.

Family is sacred and should be an important part of our lives. I have had the opportunity over the last 3 decades to be a part of many families lives in the vast and remote wilderness areas in Utah, as well as in the communities. Getting to know people in such a raw and sacred way is very powerful and refreshing. When we subject ourselves to Mother Earth and Father Spirit with gratitude, we connect to the life force, and when we connect to the life force we begin to know ourselves and our relationships. A huge part of my sacred mission is to be the very best 'YOUTH REGENERATOR' I can be. Our youth are our future and I am on a relentless quest to assist in regenerating this awareness, that they are a significant part of the life force. When our personal and sacred identity matters, we are unstoppable beings. When we understand that we all belong to the great eternal universe, everything else matters. I look forward to being a sacred part of your life journey. 


Winfield Ivers