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Earth and Spirit Medicine is all about helping you learn how to get the RESULTS you deserve and need in life by learning how to control your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions.

I would dare say that most people want healthy, positive results for themselves, for their businesses, for their families, and generally for those that they spend the majority of time around. It just makes sense to get the results that makes things a little easier and less stressful.

When we are getting the kind of results we truly desire we seem to be a little kinder and more productive. Think for just a moment about how we get effective and powerful results that we strongly desire in every area of our lives consistently.

I heard a quote once something along the lines of “It is not what happens to us that hurts us, it is our response to what happens to us that can truly hurt us.” I believe that we get good at whatever we practice including our responses. I have noticed that many people are practicing many things from their mental auto-pilot, the unconscious place of response; the speaking or acting before I think process. 

It requires awareness and desire to shift our practicing unconsciously to practicing consciously. It requires discipline to practice over and over with mental clarity and focus to get the result we really desire. It is crucial for us to begin practicing this process effectively in order for it to take seed and begin to grow.

Mental clarity and focus is an attitude and a discipline of the mind that requires practice. I must discipline my thinking, my speaking, my feelings, and my actions moment to moment and align them congruently towards the result I want. For example, “It is cold, it is snowing, my hands and feet are cold. I can’t see any sign of civilization at all. I’m scared, I don't know how am I going to live through this.

This is the crossroads of choice. It is in these unforeseen moments that all our conditioning's, practicing’s, training's, and disciplines will either benefit us or not. If the desired result is to live we must have thoughts, words, feelings and actions of staying alive and they must be powerful and filled with conviction.

If you’re trying to create a fire and you keep thinking and saying “this just isn’t working, I’ll never get out of here alive” this is not congruent to the ultimate desire of staying alive. Switch your mental clarity and focus immediately to, “I will get this fire and I will stay warm and alive no matter what.” We must learn and practice this consistently, we must be willing to create the attitude, the time and the energy required to get the results we truly desire.

Remember that if you want different results than what you are getting then do something different. It is a simple process, and a lifelong discipline.

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